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Infrastructural Facility Management

Infrastructual Facility Management

Consulting, Procurement Processes and Management of support services such as cleaning, surveillance, reception, gardening, etc.

Together with their technical and Management services, BFM can add value to your organisation through their experience in consulting services.   

The Consulting process is essential and it is normally carried out during the implementation phase. Clients can benefit from our experience in the market sector.  

The aim of this service is to analyse the current status and bring it into line with a new definition that meets the client’s expectations. The performance measurement systems are defined and a report system is created to add value to the different management levels.

Once the Consulting process has been completed, we will accompany our clients through the procurement process, drawing up the technical and legal terms and conditions. This will include the supplier pre-qualification stage through to the contract awarding stage and final evaluation. This is our Procurement service.

Once awarded, BFM shall ensure the services are carried out in due form and time for the duration of the contract via our Facilities Managers and with the support of our SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) for international affairs.

BFM will therefore create value in the definition of services through its Consulting department, securing the best supplier at the best market price through the Procurement service and guaranteeing that the service is carried out pursuant to the established terms and conditions through its Facility Management service, ensuring the achievement of continuous improvements in service efficiency together with the continuity of potential savings.


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