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Facility Management Consultancy

Facility Management Consultancy

Customised consultancy service to optimise the management of your facilities

For the Facility Management Consultancy service, Bilfinger HSG Facility Management Spain collaborates with another group company, M+P Consulting, to offer personalized advice in managing and operating your work facilities.
We apply our experience to offer you a comprehensive consultancy service to improve the management of your buildings. The condition of your facilities does not matter: we will show you how to optimize them, both in terms of facilities and spaces.
We will also point out the need for action where required to achieve your objectives.


  • Optimization of operating costs: savings on supplies, maintenance, etc
  • Maximum operating safety: we will ensure that everything works correctly
  • We guarantee a quality use of your facilities with utmost flexibility

We want you to achieve your business objectives, supporting you with the management of your facilities, which is our speciality. In doing so, we will collaborate closely with your company; creating an individualised concept of operations for your building to ensure that only the best proposals are implemented immediately.

Consultancy process

Concept study: In this phase, we analyze the current situation and identify the most important components for cost reduction. After this, an estimation of the potential can be carried out and we can submit our proposals for the introduction of possible solutions to you. Time frame: approx. four to five weeks.
Validation phase: We create a solution supported by the employees and establish a foundation for the optimization of individual approaches. As a result of this work we can, introduce a pilot project together with you. Time frame: approx. one to two months.
Pilot project: Here, among other things, we carry out steps such as system development, realignment of the remaining elements as well as implementation of the findings from the concept study. On the basis of the results from the pilot project, we check the assumptions that were made in the rough concept create a prognosis for the entire project and can submit a reliable contract offer that includes our action and implementation recommendations. Time frame: approx. three to six months.
Implementation: We work out an overall concept in cooperation with you. According to need, these stages may include general system implementation, rationalization of procurement portfolios and/or the adaptation of organizational processes. Time frame: approx. one year.




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