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The history of Bilfinger HSG FM in Spain, as in other countries, happened through the “Follow your friends” concept. An IBM contract marked the beginning of the facility management and project management activities in Spain in 2004. After an initial project, clients with whom Bilfinger already operated in Spain were approached and some of them entrusted all their non-core activities to us.

Over the years, we have noticed that the market sees us as a trusted and responsible provider, fully capable of being a technology partner in all business support disciplines. This has enabled us to consolidate our market position with a clear competitive advantage. Bilfinger HSG FM is the service provider in facility management, in which our technical capacity (maintenance, engineering and energy efficiency) and method in “M” for management (facilities, projects, property) makes the difference.


2004: M + W Zander

  • An IBM contract marked the beginning of the facility management and project management activities in Spain.

2008 HSG Zander

  • HSG Zander rises to take the top spot in Germany and to become one of the leading FM providers through the integration of the facility management activities of M+W Zander.
  • HSG Zander develops international profile.
  • Significant development of market positions in Switzerland and Austria and entry into the british and dutch markets. Position established amongst the top 3 German FM providers. In March 2008, HSG Zander celebrates its 20th anniversary.

2010 New offices

  • HSG Zander: Offices opened in Valencia, Levante Branch.

2011 New Offices

  • HSG Zander: Offices opened in Seville, Andalucía Branch.

2013 Bilfinger HSG Facility Management

  • In 2012 the Bilfinger SE Group management made a decision to rename all the companies within the group. This change aims at increasing the brand awareness and at strengthening of the interaction between the corporate companies.
  • On the 6th of March 2013  HSG Zander company in Spain was renamed into Bilfinger HSG Facility Management. The affiliation to Bilfinger, the international engineering and services group, will now be visible in our name.

2014 New offices

  • Bilfinger HSG Facility Management: Offices opened in Pamplona, North Branch.


Bilfinger HSG Facility Management España

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3ª planta
28049 Madrid

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